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Focus Areas

Commercial Litigation


We will represent your company's interest in financial disputes.

Insurance Defense


We can defend a variety of cases, from car accidents to engineering disputes. 

Intellectual Property Litigation


We help our clients protect their business names and the content generated.

Construction Litigation


We represent both builders and landowners in construction disputes.

Judgment Enforcement and Protection


We both enforce judgments and help protect you from creditors.

Handgun Permit Appeals


We ensure your rights have not been violated when you have been denied a purchase or concealed carry permit.

Professional Malpractice


We represent your interest when you have been wrongfully harmed by a professional.

Business Consulting


We work with our clients to navigate the legal system and help them avoid it altogether through consulting on best practices. 

Appellate Practice


We are here to help you  navigate beyond your trial regardless of previous representation. 

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