If you are in business, litigation is inevitable

While it can never be completely avoided, the consequences of litigation can be minimized through the skillful control of time, cost and expectation.


To this end, The Litigation Group has spent a decade perfecting a unique set of control measures that we have combined to form a best practice that we call Critical Path Litigation. 


Critical Path Litigation is exactly what it sounds like. We approach a case the way a business constructs a building or brings a product to market—by focusing on time, cost and expectation.


Through Critical Path Litigation, we:

  1. Reduce the client’s time spent in litigation through efficiency;

  2. Hold down our fees by focusing on what is absolutely necessary to prepare for trial; and

  3. Manage expectation by bringing our years of hard-earned experience to bear.


In this way, we litigate to our clients' bottom line, which is the best possible outcome delivered as quickly and inexpensively as possible.   


Dave Redding is the leader of TLG Law. Bringing the skills he learned as an Army Green Beret to the litigation battlefield, Dave has been the lead litigator in dozens of jury trials over the last twenty years in the state and federal courts of North and South Carolina. He has also appeared before state and federal courts of appeal on numerous occasions, arguing successfully for changes in complex areas of commercial law such as indemnification, liability limitation and the uniform commercial code.


Joe Pellington and Steve Lucente are the other senior litigators at TLG Law. Working with Dave, Joe and Steve on every case is an experienced junior litigator and paralegal. Together they form a Case Team that acts in unison to control time, cost and expectation to deliver the best outcome possible. 


We control time by keeping you informed. You will never be surprised unless we are, and that won’t happen much. Although we cannot predict all of the events that will occur in every case, through experience we have learned where the danger is. It’s our job to anticipate the cost of your time so that you can plan for it effectively. 


We control cost by focusing on the Critical Path of litigation—the route formed through the litigation process by the functions the are necessary to prepare for trial. We focus our energy on these critical tasks without wasting our time (and your money) on work that doesn’t take us to the best possible outcome. Because we work to a standard of excellence rather than to fill up the blocks on a timesheet, we do excellent work at a cost that is both reasonable and predictable. To back up that promise, we provide a Fee Forecast at the outset of the litigation that tells our clients how long we expect each task will take and how much money it will cost. We have spent years developing this model and take great pride in its accuracy. 


Finally, we control expectation by providing accurate predictions of likely outcome at every stage of the litigation. We do this so that our clients can make a fully informed decision whether to settle or keep fighting. It’s an easy and inviting cop-out for a litigator to tell his client that juries are unpredictable, but that kind of advice does our clients no good. We would rather give you our best answer and be wrong than give you no answer at all and let you take all the risk. 


After all, when it comes to litigation, we are the experts and we believe in acting like it. Although there is little that we cannot do, we do have some areas of specific expertise:

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION: whether you are corporation, partnership or individual, TLG Law can assist you with the monetary disputes that arise from the commerce of civilized life. If you need a divorce, we'll help you find a domestic lawyer. But if you need a business divorce, you've come to the right place.

CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION: unlike many construction law firms, we represent owners, contractors and design professionals in the full range of residential and commercial construction disputes. 

PROFESSIONAL MALPRACTICE: very few firms in North and South Carolina have as much experience as TLG Law in the area of professional malpractice. We have helped resolve dozens of disputes involving lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors and other licensed professionals. 

INSURANCE DEFENSE: with the addition of Steve Lucente to our Litigation Group in 2020, we have expanded our practice to include the full range of insurance related disputes. Many of the largest insurers in the country look to Steve as a trusted partner. 

If you need help, contact us now. The first consultation is on us.